What…you mean I don’t know everything?

Seriously, there are things to learn yet? Really?? Oh darn. Just kidding! It’s true, I don’t know everything. Knitting, for me, is much like life. There are things that I should get around to learning sooner or later. There aren’t many things that I haven’t tackled in knitting.  But, there are a few things that I have not gone diving headlong into yet.  For instance, socks, I have not knit a pair of socks. I get all the techniques. I get the concepts. I just have not done it yet. I have knit tons of baby booties, however,  not one pair of full sized adult socks. I really have not been intrigued by socks until recently.  I really never saw myself knitting socks. Then, I moved back to North Dakota and I realized how hard it was to find decent socks. Oh sure, there are socks at Walmart. But, um, I don’t like them. So, perhaps I should start knitting socks so that I don’t have to subject myself to Walmart socks. So maybe you guys could help me. I have resigned myself to taking part of my yarn budget this month and buying all the necessary needles and items needed to knit a pair of socks. Could all of you fine folks suggest me a good starting point as far as a pattern goes? I don’t necessarily need it to be a plain sock. I am pretty good at figuring things out. But, how about a good “go to” first sock pattern. Thanks!


7 thoughts on “What…you mean I don’t know everything?

  1. For the longest time when I first started knitting I was like socks eh what is the big deal lol. Now I see the big deal they are fun & portable. My first pair of socks was from Silver’s Sock Tutorial -http://www.cometosilver.com/socks/

  2. If you’re looking for a slightly challenging sock, I would try may the Monkey Socks by Cookie A. Her sock patterns are very well written. I just made a pair of her Hedera Socks for a KAL that I participated in for the month of April.

  3. The Yarn Harlot has the best instructions for plain socks that fit. So many patterns make socks that end up being too big. The first socks I made following a pattern from one of the yarn companies that accompanied their sock yarn was huge, my DH wears them over other socks. She tells you that socks should be fairly tight knit and fit well.
    DH my daughter, sisters-in-law and 2 male friends all have thin feet and ankles, so I ended up doing the measuring and it seems that I usually cast on 60 stitches on a 1.5 (bamboo)needles, and follow the general directions and make them their foot length. So far every pair I have done that way fits. If I have a little thicker sock yarn I go up to a sz 2 needle and use 56 stitches. You want the socks to fit so they do not rub. You also need the cuff to fit so it doesn’t fall down.
    When doing a special stitch pattern I try and do a swatch so I can see how they measure up to a previous pair.
    When I see patterns that have a lot more stitches and are on bigger needles, I start to get worried.
    Interweave knits has how to measurements and Knitty has a tutorial on it. Good Luck, and they are fun to knit, and quick, I do about a pair a week unless I am working on something else.

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