Not enough hours in the day…

I am not kidding. I really do not have enough hours in the day. I have many stash enhancements that I would like to show you. However, I have not even had time to take pictures of them all. Just a short post today. I hope to be able to post more later this week.  But, I am still busy trying to figure out what I should knit for Malabrigo March 2010. I have cast on my Macro Lace Cardigan in the seemingly rare Christmas Green colorway.  I am enjoying it, but it is something that I cannot work on while my baby is awake. He is just far too busy. I need some mindless stockinette (just not in lace weight).  I am going to make a hat for the baby out of some scraps, I just need to figure out the color combination. Beyond that, I just don’t know. Maybe a Ripley or some Susie’s reading mitts. Eeesh, I might design some more stuff too.


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