Oh Ravelympics!

What can I say Ravelympics? I had such big plans for you.I was going to finish this Featherweight. I was going to get one design sample done. But nooooo. I don’t think I’ll finish my sweater and I know I won’t get the design sample done. What happened? Life happened. From Friday mid-day until Monday night, I did not touch a stitch. What could have caused the epic collapse of my sheer determination? My baby got sick. Yep, my nine-month-old son came down with a fever Friday night and things went downhill from there. Many snot rags and many many diaper changes later, he is starting to feel better. He still has some residual crankiness, a runny nose, and cough. But, he’s playing today, which is a change for the good. All we did Saturday(my birthday, btw), Sunday, and Monday was sit in a chair together and cuddle. He wouldn’t sleep and barely ate anything.  Today he’s back to tearing the toy room(the living room) apart.


I am going to try and get as far on my featherweight as possible. I have gotten one sleeve and most of the other done. I plan on finishing the other sleeve tonight and finding something to do with the collar. I do not want it to roll and I refuse to do anymore 1×1 ribbing. There it is—————————->

March 1st starts Malabrigo March and I will be hanging out on the Junkies board, with bells on. There are lots of contests and lots of yummy Malabrigo knitting going on in the KALs. I am planning on making myself a Macro Lace Cardigan by Laura Chau. I also have a design or two that I am going to whip out. I do need test knitters for a hat I am doing. So, if you are on Ravelry and would like to test it, you can message me there or leave a note in the comments here (with your rav ID).


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