And So, They Begin

They being the Olympics and Ravelympics. Friday night was a big night. Not only did we get to see the opening ceremonies, but knitters all over the world cast on in a world-wide mass cast on.Well, some of us cast on and some of us pulled out our long neglected “works-in-progress” and began plugging away at them. I did my part and pulled out my Featherweight once again and began to finish the body. As of Saturday afternoon, I am about a 1/4 of an inch from finishing the body. Phew. It feels good to get going on this. But, I have discovered something I dislike more than miles and miles of stockinette in laceweight…1×1 ribbing in laceweight.

I do have a few other projects going on at the moment. I am nearing the release of my FreeBee Neckwarmer. One last test on that and it will be ready to go. I had it in one size and then I decided with the input from a couple testers to make a smaller, more close-fitting size.  The original size is a bit drapier. Both are included so if you prefer one or the other, we’ve got you covered. There are also options  for buttoning it end-to-end or crossing it over in front.

Using the stitch pattern from the FreeBee, I designed a new hat and will be working on getting that pattern to testers this week.  It is fantastic and I can’t keep myself from wearing my sample pretty much ALL THE TIME. Silly me, I’ll have to knit another sample, I guess.

new design


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