It’s Released!



It’s finally release time.  I have had this pattern ready since long before Christmas. But, Christmas became a huge deal and I had to set it aside. Well, I got it to testers and the testers got their results back in quick fashion.  Minnesnowta is quick, fun and easy knit. It’s great for keeping baby’s head warm in the winter. It has the ears covered and a ribbed back to snug up against baby’s neck and head.  There are optional I-cord ties so that you can keep in on baby’s head if he or she doesn’t care for hats.  The pattern can be downloaded from Ravelry for a mere $2.50. It even includes a tool-less tutorial on making pom poms. And besides, $2.50 is a small price to pay to look at that adorable face all the time, right? I thought so.

So, yes, as mentioned in the paragraph above. I added a tutorial for making a pom pom without a tool.  It involves fingers, yarn and a scissors.  I have used this method of puffball making since I was a wee little tweenager. I will probably still make them this way until someone buys me(ahem, honey dear boyfriend) this. I want a pom tree! I do have a birthday this month. Unfortunately, I don’t think my dear boyfriend reads my blog. Ah well, I can just send him an anonymous email!


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