Ahh, That Sleeping Beauty

Oh, she slumbers. I haven’t touched that sweater since June or July. I don’t even remember. That might not seem like a lot of time to some of you. But, I am a compulsive finisher. I like things finished.  So for me to have an unfinished object, from last  year no less, is just absurd. She is lovely, there is no doubt there. It’s just so. much. stockinette. I knew that going in too. But I went for it anyway. I will not let this sweater be my undoing. What am I talking about? My featherweight. Yes, there she is in all her unfinished glory.


I will attempt to finish this...

She is a glorious, vibrant Bobby Blue in Malabrigo Lace. And yes, Malabrigo Lace is ever so soft. But, what was I thinking? I was not big on thin yarns at the time( I do appreciate them and enjoy them though, really I do!) So, why did I pick a project with so much stockinette. Apparently, to bore myself into submission. I tried varying projects. This soon became my “in between” project. The thing I work on when I am not sure what I want to do next. Then it just went into the snooze pile. I had been presented the opportunity to test knit for Malabrigo and I took it. I had a legitimate excuse to cast this aside! And so I did. I took it off my precious size 6 needle, placed in in a project bag with some lavender and refused to acknowledge it’s existance for months! Then, I heard rumblings about this “Ravelympics” stuff. Well, I heard more than rumblings. Somehow, I signed up to be a co-team captain. I think I did it in October when my defenses were low. If you don’t know what the ravelympics are, I will tell you. In short, they are a knitting event to go along with the Olympics(be they Summer or Winter). You start your projects with the lighting of the torch and finish them by the closing ceremonies.  You join teams and enter events, such as, WIP Wrestling. Work in progress wrestling is the one category that I am sure I am joining. I am pulling out this ill-fated, cast aside cardigan and I am going to work on it. I pulled it out today and thought about what that entails. I won’t even let myself work on another project(unless it is a design) during the ravelympics unless I finish this one. I am going to use my sharp focus and abundant  ability to use my time wisely (don’t laugh, I can use my time wisely!). I think I may be getting a little excited to work on it again.

Now, you know(if you read the blog) that I have been working on a Saroyan. Well, I took from Sunday until Tuesday off from it for some reasons (designs, I blame the two designs I will be releasing soon!) But, I have made a bunch of progress. It is just LOVELY! I love the pattern and of course, I love the yarn(Silky Malabrigo, a fave!).  Tune in next time. I will talk about my tutorial for a pom pom!

Ahh, Matisse Blue, how I adore you.


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