The Ten for 2010!

So, what’s a girl to do when she has no project to work on(don’t mention my featherweight!!!)?  Why she starts a new one!!! I wanted a scarf so I decided that I’d take my two skeins of Matisse Blue Silky Malabrigo and cast on for my Saroyan.  I am in love. It is going to be so gorgeous. I just wish I had more time to knit on it. Well, I’ll give you a WIP picture of it, anyways.

Saroyan in progress So, since I brought up my Featherweight already…Yes, I have a project that has been on my needles since my 8 month old was a newborn. It is my oldest WIP. In fact, it is my only lingering WIP. I tend not to cast on too many things at once. But, I do have plans for this Featherweight, but I will wait until next time to tell you what they are.

Now, I must talk about my list of new yarns to try in 2010. You guys gave me your suggestions and I listened and now I have comprised a list made up of things you think I should try and things that I have been wanting to try. OK!

1. Hazel Knits Artisan Sock- I had seen this stuff around before and it always looked lovely. So, at the recommendation of  2 of commenters, I have decided to try it. I do not have any of this yarn yet, so I will have to get some.  2. The Sanguine Gryphon Eidos- I just got a skein of this last week, so I added it to the list of things since I have heard that it is lovely and I don’t have to buy it! 3. A String Theory Caper Sock- I checked this stuff out too at the behest of two of my commenters and um, wow are those colors lovely. I even know what colorway that I want- Carina. 4. I bumped the gauge up slightly on my next pick and decided to go with BSA Alpaca Silk. If I knit with fingering weight all year, I will get 3 items done. I do have a skein of the Alpaca Silk, so now I just need to find a project for it. 5. Spud and Chloe Sweater- I have been wanting to try this one too. Most likely, my dear sweet non-nighttime sleeping baby will get something made from it.  6.Something from Riverpoet. She comes highly recommended and she did mention something to me about dying a certain colorway that I lust after.  7. Yarn Pirate BFL DK- It’s been in my stash a while and it needs a project!! 8. Knit Picks Simply Cotton- I am designing a summer hat and I believe this will be the yarn of choice for it. 9.Knit Picks City Tweed-I am a sucker for tweeds and this looks quite lovely. 10. Malabrigo Rasta: I had to add a Malabrigo to the list. I have tried all the others, and this stuff intrigues me. It is REALLY bulky. I have not knit with something this bulky before. Can’t wait to try it!

You will notice that I have a list next to my links and such of all these yarns. That will be my scoresheet! Stay tuned!


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