Beginning a MalTraveler and a Giveaway!

First things first, I want to talk about my Maltraveler scarf. I am in a group on Ravelry that some time ago started doing Traveling Scarves. Now, if you don’t know what a traveling scarf is, it is a scarf that is started by you and then passed on to several people, each person knitting a section and then passing it on. At the time that this group started, I brain farted and didn’t join up. Luckily, now, five rounds later, I have been given the opportunity to join up. I am excited! It sounds like a lot of fun and it will be nice to see the different patterns and colors pass through each knitter. I started my Maltraveler with Buscando Azul in the pattern for the Double Bump Dishcloth found on MyJewelThiefKnits blog. I love the stitch pattern.


Malsquare for my MalTraveler

Now, onto the giveaway. The readers of this blog will remember that I have been begging for people to comment. I asked for yarn suggestions or for you to tell me what your favorite yarn was. But, still nothing. So, I have decided to give you an incentive to post comments. Hopefully, some(or all) of you will stick around and keep reading and commenting. I know this is blog is an infant in terms of how long it’s been here. But, I hope to keep it going and develop it further. Now, what am I giving away?

Stone Sky Malabrigo Worsted

Stone Sky Malabrigo Worsted

I am giving away one skein of Malabrigo Worsted in the Stone Sky colorway. I got this yarn from Imagiknit. It was sold as a “mistake” colorway. Now, I do want something in return. I want you to comment! I want to know your favorite yarn or a yarn you think I should try. Pretty simple eh? I will keep this open until Saturday night at Midnight(if I can stay up that late.) At that time, I will use a random number generator to pick someone from the comments to win the skein of yarn. Fun right? Yeah, I thought so. What’s not fun about a chance to win yarn. Now please leave me some way to get a hold of you such as, a ravelry id or your email. Thanks for stopping by!


20 thoughts on “Beginning a MalTraveler and a Giveaway!

  1. My Fave: Malabrigo (duh!!)
    Yarn I think you should try: Hm… I think you have tried MadTosh… how about HazelKnits Artisan Sock? One of my fave sock dyers!!


  2. Oh hai — what a gorgeous skein that is!

    My favorite yarn: Malabrigo Twist.

    Your next must-try yarn: Hmmm… how about a budget-friendly choice? I’d suggest Plymouth HappyFeet (sock or DK). I’m knitting with it now and really like it.

  3. So hard to choose a favorite, but I’ll say Malabrigo.

    What you should try? Some of my other favorites are String Theory Caper Sock (love, love, love, love, LOVE), Madelinetosh Eyre and Eyre Light, Blue Moon Fiber Lucious Silk (sport weight silk) and Lucious Silk Single (worsted weight 50/50 silk/merino), Plymouth Mulberry Merino, Jadesapphire CashmereSilk…..I could go on and on. 😉

  4. Fave yarn: Malabrigo. Don’t ask me to pick a particular base ’cause I love them all – and I’d most likely change my mind within seconds of picking one!

    Yarns to try: Jaggerspun Zephyr and String Theory Sock (Caper). I also like the Colourmart cashmere and silks. I want to try Orangeflower on etsy, she has some very nice dyeing going on.

  5. Hey,

    Fave yarn is Malabrigo. I also like BSA. Here’s something different you could try – Rowan Kid Classic. I quite like knitting with it and enjoy the finished garment.

  6. Hmmm, my favorite of course…..Malabrigo!!!!

    I’d have to second Kate’s recommendation of Hazel Knits and add 2 of my own for The Sanguine Gryphon and DragonflyFibers. Both have amazing yarns and amazing colors!! 😉

  7. I’ll play!! 🙂

    I’m a little torn right now as I have a couple of favorites!

    Malabrigo (of course) Worsted and Twist: I’ve loved the Worsted for years as it’s just so soft and squishy and the colors are so amazing! However, I just finished working with Twist and I have to say, I love it! I love how soft and plump it is! I cannot wait to make a sweater in it so I can wrap myself in its squishiness!

    Malabrigo Silky: I love the sheen and soft feel of this yarn! It knits up so beautifully and has some great colors that often aren’t found in the worsted.

    Cascade 220: Again…some amazing colors even if they’re not kettle-dyed. One thing I really love about this yarn is its non-itchiness and the stunning stitch definition.

    Blue Sky Alpacas: I’ve only ever used the cotton so far, but oh, it is heavenly!!! I got two skeins of the Merino/Alpaca in a swap and cannot stop petting it! It’s very expensive so I tend to only use it for accessories, but I can only imagine how stunning it would be in a sweater. They have a few really fantastic, rich, bright colors but a lot are more muted, which is still lovely if not entirely my style. But their brights are BRIGHT! I think my skein of ‘Flamingo’ glows in the dark.

  8. Favorite Yarn(s): Malabrigo (DUH!) in silky and worsted–the basics. 🙂

    Yarns I Would Recommend:
    “The Not-So-Cheap Luxury Option”-$15 for 110 yd skein- Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Grande: Absolutely gorgeous in color (you can get handpainted, solid, or tweed colors), and so soft you’ll want to carry the skein with you EVERYWHERE. I carried mine in my purse for a week just so I could pet it all the time. 😉

    “The Super-Gorgeous Affordable Option”-$14 for 440 yd skein- Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light: It’s like mal worsted in a SW fingering!! Super-soft, and the colors positively GLOW. It’s crazy, I swear that my cobalt blue color lights up when the sunshine hits it. And the same goes for all the lovely MadTosh colorways, I just like the color of this base the best. 🙂

    “The Really Soft Extremely Affordable Option”
    Anything from Debbie Bliss–you will NEVER EVER be disappointed with these yarns–they’re super-soft, cheap, come in a large variety of colors, hold up really well, and have decent yardage. You can’t go wrong with debbie bliss! 🙂

  9. My favorite is Mal, I would try Spud and Chloe for knits for the little one. It is nice and soft and you can machine wash it! My rav id is irunnaked

  10. Wow, PURDY!
    Well, my fave? Uh, Mal! Then Blue Sky Alpacas, The Fibre Co, Anzula (who I just saw at TNNA – DROOL), MadTosh… I’m certainly on my way to being a yarn whore. It’s shameful really.

  11. Favorite yarn – Malabrigo Worsted has been usurped by Twist!

    You should try – Pagewood Farms Alyeska…So soft and pretty colors. Great for a shawlette, cowl, scarf or a really luxurious pair of socks! ravid: lachesis77

  12. Did I miss this? Ah, well… even if I did, I’m happy to comment!

    “I want to know your favorite yarn or a yarn you think I should try.”

    I love Malabrigo worsted and so many of my favorites stores have trouble carrying it! Luckily I have a terrific, Mal-enabling friend that owns one of my many favorite LYSs, and I know that I can ask him nicely whenever I need a fix.

    That said, I’m working on my second Mal Silky project and I love it. The yarn is simply a dream. I also recently acquired some Mal Lace and I’m almost scared to think what I’ll make with that!

    You make so many fabulous projects that I wouldn’t dream to recommend a yarn to you. That said, you’ve got a great eye for color and I love the way your work showcases the nuances.

    Heck, I think Malabrigo makes my work look so much better. It’s no wonder that we’re junkies!

  13. I would also recommend Hazel Knits and Pagewood Farms, and would like to add one that has not been mentioned here yet…Mama Blue Knitting Goods. I LOVE her yarn. It is to die for.

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