*sigh* So, I know I promised finished object pictures. So, what’s my problem already? Well, no problem really, except that I left my favorite new finished object at my mother’s house when I visited her! UGH! How, could I not notice that I didn’t have my Buffalo Sabres colored(Buscando Azul and Cadmium, Malabrigo) Turn a Square hat? Hopefully, I’ll get over this weekend so I can remedy this asap. Despite this, I did manage a snapshot of the second prototype of my Minnesnowta Hat in the 3-6 month size. I did this one in Malabrigo Worsted Vermillion instead of Twist. I just had to change the needle to get gauge. I am writing up the 12 month size today and should be able to cast on my adult prototype today(if my black Twist arrives). Then, hopefully, I can get it to testers and released soon! It’s really adorable.

Minnesnowta 2

Minnesnowta 2 in Malabrigo Worsted Vermillion

I also have a picture of my Icing Swirl Hat (pattern by Ysolda Teague). I really enjoyed this hat. I knit it in the yarn called for in the pattern Misti Alpaca Chunky. I had only minutes a day to work on this, but I cranked it out in very little time. My daughter has already proclaimed that she needs one too. Of course, she does.

Icing Topper

Icing Swirl Hat, pattern by Ysolda Teague

I am also currently working on a cowl design that I am thinking is close to being , “just right.” I am also itching to cast on for a Saroyan (pattern by Liz Abinante) in Mattisse Blue Malabrigo Silky.

I am still looking for some suggestions for my 10 new yarns to use in 2010. I did manage to get my hands on some of The Sanguine Gryphon’s Eidos to try. I am so looking forward to trying it.  But, what else? Come on lovely readers, I know you are out there. I know you can hear me!!! Suggest a yarn. Or suggest a non-sock pattern for the Eidos. Gimme some comments! Please? Do I have to beg really?


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