10 in 2010!

The thing about the holidays for me is, they seem to bring everything else to a screeching halt. Hence the reason that I haven’t posted here for a while. My kids were off school so I got no peace! Their vacation meant I had 3 times the work to do. Yeah, they are older, but for some reason, they seemed like more work than my 7 month-old. We had a jolly good time over Christmas. Everyone got something that they wanted. I got my stand mixer, finally!!! While, I didn’t get any knitting items, I think I am closer to getting them. People are starting to catch on. So along with the holidays, there was also a snowstorm. Talk about putting a cramp in my plans. Remember that dreary picture I posted? There wasn’t much snow yet. Well, that was remedied by a three day storm that dumped 16-18 inches on us. Yeah, we have snow now. Booo!

In other news, there’s this group on ravelry. They are trying to complete 10 projects in 2010 using 10 different yarns. I couldn’t help it, I joined( I also joined a traveling scarf project and another Malabrigo Swap!!!)This will give me the opportunity to use some of those yarns I have been yearning to try.I know that I will use some Malabrigo, some Madelinetosh worsted. But, I am hoping to get some Madelintosh Eyre,  something from Sanguine Gryphon, and perhaps some Shibui sock. But, what else to use? I am really hoping to take this opportunity to use yarns that I haven’t used yet. Have any suggestions? Something I just have to try? Please leave suggestions in my comments. I know people are reading, but so far no one has even said hi…sadness 😉

I will do another update this week, with pictures. I just haven’t gotten around to taking them and I have finished several projects. I finished my brother in law’s cowl, my nieces shrug, started and finished 2 hats for me. So, yeah there will be lots to see!


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