Bad pictures beware, your days are numbered

Oh yes, I realize the pictures on my blog are less than stellar. Winter has closed in here in North Dakota and this is what I see out my window.


dreary much?

I tried to turn off the flash for this, but my pictures were too dark. In reality, it is much drearier looking.  The sky is very gray this morning. This is what I will see for the next 3-4 month(plus a few more feet of snow). This type of sky sets in here around October. It lets up once in a while. But, for the most part, this is the natural light available for picture taking. Not, impressive, I know. So, my pictures, as of late, have taken a downward turn in quality. It’s more like a downward spiral really. I have decided to take action and get a light box to light my projects. I could just rig one up. But, I’d really like a proper light box.

So, in closing, I warn you bad project and stash pictures. Your days are numbered! I will be “taking care” of you!

PS. It’d be really cool if you all said “hi” when you stopped by! I won’t bite! I promise!


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