I Deserve Coal

I do, I do deserve coal in my stocking! Why? I’ve been cheating on knitting. Well, I’ve been knitting too. But, I have been delving into other handicrafts, as well. It’s my poor shattered attention span. I just can’t figure out what to do. First of all, I had to do some sewing for my nieces. I made them these chalk cloth placemats. My older kids are sort of freaking out about how “cool” they are. Well, I hope the little girls like them. I still have one more to make. The other thing taking my time is that time honored holiday tradition of holiday baking. Whew, you have no idea! If you saw my kitchen right now, you’d all be horrified.

I am getting some knitting done though. I finished Capitan # 2(or 5, depending on how you look at it). It is lovely, but hard to capture in a picture. I am trying ever so hard to sneak in a moment here and a moment there for pattern writing. It’s not keeping me satisfied though. So, when the new year rolls around. I need to make a resolution to dedicate a certain amount of time to design every day. A resolution, no one ever sticks to those right? Well, I usually do. It was a New Year’s resolution that brought me to knitting in the first place. This will be easier when I have a space dedicated to my “work”. Of course, first we must get the bedroom and bath done in the basement first. I hate to sound ticked off or anything. But, I am sort of “ticked off” about that situation. But, that’s a whole ‘nother blog, a whole ‘nother time. Finally, I have started my LAST knitted gift of the holiday season. It’s for my brother-in-law, Josh. He is a big Steelers fan and I have dubbed this the Steel City Cowl. Too bad his team is stinky this year.Steelers Cowl


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